BioSpec 70/30 USR

7 T USR Preclinical MRI System

A multipurpose research system for high-resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging in selected volumes and 2- or 3-dimensional image reconstruction based on the principles of nuclear magnetic resonance.

The electronics that is used in the BioSpec® series is the same high quality electronics as found in BRUKER analytical spectrometers (AVANCE). Due to their identical hardware it is possible to exchange investigative protocols between individual BRUKER systems.

BioSpec 70/30 USR properties:

  • Magnetic field strength of 7 T
  • 30 cm warm bore diameter
  • Simple installation requirements
  • High performance actively shielded gradient system with integrated shims
  • Numerous ready to use MRI methods and sequences available
  • State of the art software interface and tools
  • Easy routine operation
  • Powerful research environment

MR software

ParaVision® software package provides a framework for multi-dimensional MRI/MRS data acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and visualization.
This basic software package is supplemented by several extension packages which offer additional experimental techniques or sophisticated post-processing algorithms.

  • Standard acquisition, reconstruction, data analysis and visualization
  • State-of-the-art 2D and 3D MR imaging techniques
  • Easy set-up with autoadjustments and localizer scans
  • Predefined application oriented protocols
  • Real-time display of acquired and reconstructed data
  • system status information informing scan progress
  • Ready-to-use protocols for ultra-fast imaging sequences including echo-planar imaging (EPI) techniques
  • On-line, off-line, reconstruction, including baseline correction, window multiplication and phase correction capabilities